2012 Q3 CE Release Notes


Overview of new features
Beta programs
Changes to the SOAP, REST, & JSON Web Service API
Hardware and software requirements
Defect fixes
Known issues
Customer Support


These notes provide pertinent information regarding the additions to Rally Community Edition during the third quarter of 2012. Features and defect fixes continually released between August 4th and October 26th, 2012 are included. Hardware and software requirements, compatibility, and known issues for the Rally Community, Enterprise, and Unlimited Editions during this time period are also provided.

What’s new in Q3

Iteration Tracking Board app

With the new Iteration Tracking Board app, you can see team progress flow from state to state, as if viewing note cards on a wall or whiteboard.

Iteration Tracking Board

The app provides you with multiple features that allow you to plan, execute, and track an iteration from a single location:

  • Change the state of a work item by dragging-and-dropping
  • Inline edit the Name and Owner field of work items
  • Filter by owner
  • View the cumulative status of tasks associated with each story or defect
  • View and edit essential details of associated tasks, directly from the board
  • Access full editors for user stories, defects, and tasks
  • Mark work items as blocked
  • Indicate that a card is ready-to-pull by selecting the checkmark on the card
  • Add, copy, and delete work items
  • Inline edit the Plan Estimate field on a user story or defect
  • To Do field auto sets to zero when a task is completed
  • To Do field auto-populates the Estimate field
  • View and add discussions
  • View task details using the gear menu on a card

Click here to learn how to use all of the app's features.

Bulk edit work item fields

Bulk edit functionality available on the Backlog page has been enhanced to support more fields, and can also be accessed from detail pages and the Custom Grid app. With this set of features, you can edit most work items, including user stories, defects, tasks, test cases, test sets, and portfolio items. You can bulk edit from:

  • Backlog and Portfolio Items summary pages
  • Detail pages
  • Custom Grid apps

Custom Grid bulk edit

Bulk parent or associate work items

In addition to bulk edit, a parent or associate option has been added to pages and apps with the grid layout. Using the Backlog page, detail pages of user stories or portfolio items, and the Custom Grid app, you can complete actions such as:

  • Assign or re-assign a parent to a set of user stories
  • Re-associate a set of tasks to a different user story or defect
  • Move a set of test cases to a new test folder

The option available in the gear menu will change depending on what type of work item you are editing. Click here for the full details and instructions on how to bulk parent or associate.

Keyboard shortcuts

Global keyboard shortcuts have been added to Rally. There are three different types of shortcuts in the application:

  • Creation — Open a work item editor to create a new user story, defect, or test case.
  • Navigation — Move to the Backlog, Plan, and other pages without using your mouse.
  • View next in series — When viewing the details of an item in a release, iteration, or with a common parent, quickly move to the next work item in the set.

Keyboard shortcuts

To instantly see what shortcuts are available on a given page, press ? (shift + /) to bring up a list. Click here to learn about all of the keyboard shortcuts available in Rally.

Blocked Reason and Ready fields

Two new fields have been added to Rally work items to assist with daily status updates. The fields are available for the following work items:

  • Task
  • Defect
  • User Story
Ready and Blocked Reason editor fields

The Blocked Reason field is a string field where users can document the details of an obstacle or issue.

Ready is a boolean field that can be selected when a work item is ready to move to the next stage of development. You can also filter by the Ready field in Custom Grid apps to quickly view a group of work items that are ready for review.

If you have fields with the same name but different types, please contact Rally support for assistance. 

Does not contain operator (!contains) for custom views, notification rules, and Web Services API queries

When creating a WSAPI query in a Custom Grid app, or a new notification rule, you can use the !contains operator to filter out work items that do not contain specific text. This operator is available for queries against string and text fields, including custom fields.

App view enhancements

Two new features have been added to many of the apps available in Rally:

The View Full Screen option opens the app in a new browser tab or window, without the Rally header and menus. This is useful for viewing larger apps, such as the Kanban Board or Task Board. It is also useful when viewing an app with limited screen space, such as on a projector.

View Full Screen

The Auto Height setting automatically adjusts the vertical size of an app, when it is the only app present in a column of a dashboard or custom page. This ensures all available data in larger apps is visible, and sets the correct view without manual adjustment.

Auto Height

To see if these features are available for a specific app, review the table for our App Catalog.

Changes to the SOAP, REST, & JSON Web Service API

Web Services API deprecation policy

In order to support developer toolkits, custom apps, and queries more effectively, we are introducing a formal deprecation policy to the Web Services API. With the new policy, we will make commercially reasonable efforts to support older versions of the WSAPI for one year after a new version is released.

Versions 1.0 through 1.36 of the WSAPI will enter this one year deprecation period on October 1st, 2012. These versions will no longer be supported after October 1st, 2013.

The current version of the WSAPI, 1.37, is fully supported. Its one year deprecation period will begin on the date that version 1.38 is released. You may review the full deprecation policy in the Rally Web Services API documentation.

Hardware and software requirements

We at Rally are committed to making our software easily accessible. You can access Rally wherever you have an Internet connection via a PC, Linux, or Macintosh computer. Because this software is available through the World Wide Web, many of the constraints regarding which computer and software you use to access this material have been removed.

Nevertheless, it is not possible or practical for us to support every operating system and browser combination that is available. To take advantage of the newest Rally features, we recommend that you use one of the following fully supported browsers:

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer*

We support the two latest versions of each of these browsers. We do not recommend using development, test, or beta versions of these web browsers. Versions that are not publicly released may not work properly with the Rally application. In particular we strongly suggest using Chrome.

Regardless of the browser you choose, you must enable cookies and JavaScript.

* Internet Explorer Currently, we support Internet Explorer 9, Internet Explorer 8, and provide limited support for Internet Explorer 7.

PDF Reader:

  • Minimum Adobe Reader 5.0 Microsoft Windows platforms (not Linux)
  • Adobe Reader 7.0 or higher recommended


  • Minimum 1024 X 768 X 256-color video resolution, 1280 x 1024 recommended.

Defect fixes in Q3

The following defects were resolved and patched during the third quarter of 2012:

  • DE11782 - Revision history reporting invalid changes to the Description field
  • DE13137 - Iteration Summary app fails to collect data when installed on iteration-scoped custom page
  • DE14310 - Editing the Package field in workspace settings causes an error screen to display
  • DE14254 - Cannot delete attachment with the Web Services API
  • DE14417 - Welcome to Rally dashboard page is sized incorrectly in Community Edition subscriptions
  • DE14543 - Move to position command does not work on Backlog page
  • DE14568 - Cannot paste text from MS Outlook into a new description
  • DE14751 - Page will not refresh after saving and edit on Kanban Board app
  • DE14802 - !contains operator will not return results when used in Custom Grid apps
  • DE14813 - Password reset emails are not being sent
  • DE14958 - Error screen displays when a copied user story is modified multiple times before clicking Save & Close

Known issues in Q3

Not all work items may be recovered from the Recycle Bin

Only user stories, defects, and tasks are recoverable from the Recycle Bin.

Popup blockers and Rally

Be aware that some of Rally’s content is displayed using popup windows. Popup blockers may inhibit this functionality. To correct this, configure your popup blockers to allow Rally popups.

Pasting formatted text from MS Word may result in error

Copy-pasting rich-format text into a work item editor from Microsoft Word may result in formatting or system errors. To work around this issue, compose directly in the Rally work item editors, or convert your entry to plain text before pasting.

Customer support

To contact Rally Support, click the Contact Support link in the lower-left corner of Rally.

Support email: support@rallydev.com
Support Web: http://www.rallydev.com/open-support-case


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