Identify Dependencies

Identifying dependencies consists of the following topics:

Sidebar links

The Rally sidebar displays on the left side of any detail page. It organizes related artifact links and makes them easy to access. Use the sidebar to manage and navigate to listings of associated artifacts for work items.

Your display of sidebar links will vary depending upon the work item being viewed.

Each sidebar link shows additional artifacts in reference to the displayed work item detail. The sidebar link displays a number in parenthesis (8) indicating the number of related artifacts per link regardless of any project view scoping applied. In some cases the display may read (6 of 8). In this case, the summary view may not display the number of artifacts indicated next to the link because the artifacts may reside in a project for which you do not have access permissions.

Use link... To go to...
Details for... The detail view of the work item.
Tasks A summary view of all tasks that are defined to implement the work item.
Defects Any defects that have been recorded against the displayed work item.
Discussion A summary view of all discussion statements.
Attachments A summary view of all attachments.
Revisions A listing of all change revisions recorded for the displayed work item.

What is an association?

An association is a term that implies a general type of relationship, and is used to assist you in tracking and relating your work items. Each association is displayed in the sidebar found on the detail page. Associated work items include defects and tasks.

When deleting any work item that has associations, the system will present multiple options for handling the associations. You may delete and remove the work item and its associations, continue with the delete and change the associations for the work item to none, or cancel the entire operation.


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