Set Up Your Team

Projects in Rally represent development teams. All iteration and work data is stored within this space. You can customize your project by naming it after your team, identifying an owner, and adding a description. Manage your project from the workspace summary view. Only users with subscription or workspace administrator permissions for the workspace can access this information.

Note: Rally Community Edition allows a single team of up to 10 people to collaborate. If you're looking for a more robust solution that allows you to scale your agile development from a single team to many teams with hierarchies that match your company's organizational structure, consider the benefits of upgrading. Upgrading to either Enterprise or Unlimited Edition gives you the added benefit of coordinating and managing multiple teams. You will also be able to roll up features, dependencies, and blocking issues from individual teams to a single status view.

To access the workspace summary view:

Project fields

Field Description
Name Enter a team name. This field is a required field, but does not require a unique value.
State Specify whether the project is open or closed. You cannot close the single project available in Community Edition, but projects may be closed in other editions to represent the disbandment of a team. Work items can no longer be accessed in closed projects.
Owner Select the owner of the team. This value defaults to the name of the subscription administrator.
Description Describe the team and record any special information for administrators.
Change Description This field only appears when editing the details of a project. Log information regarding any changes that have been made to the project's general information to provide a change history for the team.


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