Use Custom Summary Views

Custom summary views allows you to customize the width and appearance of columns and filter on the following locations:

The Rally framework on most summary pages allows you to:

  • Drag and drop columns
  • Resize columns
  • Add or remove work product types
  • Increase page size to show up to 200 records
  • Drag and drop ranking

Modify columns

The Column selector allows you to add or remove default and any desired custom fields. The case-insensitive search box provides a quick way to find and add any fields. Current fields are shown at the top of the list to make it easier to identify and remove them as needed.

add_remove columns

Columns can be sorted by clicking the column name. Select filters by clicking the drop-down and selecting which values to filter on.

Column Specific Search

Some columns allow you to search. For example, the Backlog page allows you to search by ID and Name.

Backlog Example - Use Custom Summary Views

Page Tools

Printing, importing and exporting is available through the Page Tools drop-down.

Page Tools

Add New

Click the +Add New button at top of the page to add a new item to the page. You can choose to Add the item with only the name defined, or click Add with Details to launch the editor page.

Add Story

Once created, flare messaging will provide quick links for bumping the story to the top of the backlog or adding additional details if needed.


The gear menu, located on each row, may also be used to move backlog items.

Add Child

The Add Child option removes the parent from the backlog list. Flare guides you to display the parent column if needed.


You may quickly view how many comments exist on a specific work item and add or remove comments without leaving the page or app.

Discussion icon

Discussion icons are displayed by default on the Backlog, Iteration Status, Release Status pages, and Custom Grid app.

Blocked Reason

Add a blocked status to a work item from the backlog or a grid, such as the custom grid, click the icon in the Blocked column.

Blocked reason on grid


Double-click in a field and use Tab to edit the next field in the row or Enter to edit that same column in the next row.



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